Colete salva vidas inflavél para uso em paramotor uma otima opção para pilotos que fazem voos de travessias sobre rios, represas ou sobre o mar, utiliza um pequeno cilindro de C.O2 que infla em caso de colisão com a água.

CO2 Cartridge Installation (Do this before installation of AGAMA to paramotor)
1. Open the velcro around the automatics on the right bottom side of AGAMA rescue system.
2. Check the CO2 cartridge, whether it is not used or damaged and screw it into automatics.
3. Close carefully the velcro around the automatics.
4. Now is your AGAMA rescue system ready to installation to paramotor.
FULL SET Contents
• CO
2 Cartridge (not installed)
AGAMA Installation
1. Attach the AGAMA rescue system to the paramotor between the seat and the frame of the paramotor so that the bead will be on the right side down. 2. The entire inside border has loops designed for attaching the paramotor. The fixation points will be where the AGAMA rescue system touches the solid frame parts of the paramotor. These points must be selected in such a manner as to prevent any upwards movement of the rescue system after it is inflated.
3. Once you choose the fixation point, thread the belt through the loop and fix it to the frame. In this manner, attach at least 4 fixation belts. The fixation points should be distributed symmetrically. 4. If you have the ignition switch on the side for releasing automatics, also attach the AGAMA rescue system with the fifth belt to the paramotor frame from the outside to prevent turning off ignition during the flight. AGAMA has extra loops for this attachment on the outside right of the automatics. 5. Carry out a test for the correct attachment as follows: lift up the paramotor while holding the AGAMA rescue system on its upper part. The system must not move upwards and the paramotor must not be released.
AGAMA in Action
AGAMA Testing
Automatic Activation
Water rescue system is inflated within 3 seconds from the first contact with water. Do not inflate orally except when testing out of water. Use one 60 g CO2 gas cylinder.
Manual Activation
Operated by the pilot‘s hand, within easy reach. Only activate if rescue system is deflated. Use one 60 g CO2 gas cylinder.

Pull orange toggle to inflate.
To Deflate
Remove oral inflation tube cap. Insert nipple into valve and hold it there. Apply gently pressure to corpus and deflate. Replace cap after deflation.
Cleaning Instruction
Wash after use in fresh warm water using a mild detergent only. Do not machine wash, dry clean or use stain removers.
• The system will not work until it is fully inflated.
• Use only one 60g CO
2 gas cylinder.
• Do not partially inflate orally and then use CO
2 cylinder.
• Before every use inspect your gas inflation rescue system. In case of a severedrop or signs of deterioration contact your local approved service station.
• Store in dry place.

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Data: 15/01/12